Wave of bloody violence by the deranged political Left now documented: NINE violent mob attacks in just the last year

For a movement that’s constantly screaming about tolerance and “love,” the political left sure made it an almost everyday practice to spread as much hate and violence as possible during the 2016 election season – a disturbing trend that seems to be showing no signs of fizzling out even months into Donald Trump’s presidency. Here are nine examples of horrific incidents in which leftists engaged in mob attacks on their political opponents throughout the past year, even while they were falsely claiming that they were somehow the victims:

1) Leftist protesters screaming ‘f### Donald Trump’ attack Trump supporters at San Jose rally

On June 2, 2016, angry mobs converged on a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, California, where they blasted messages such as “America was Never Great” and “Get off Mexican/native soil” to attendees. In one instance, protesters threw eggs at a Trump supporter, who was pictured in the news with yolks dripping from her hair.

2) Leftist mob spits on Trump supporters at Minneapolis fundraiser

Following a fundraising event in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last year, Trump supporters were met by violent leftists as they exited the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Angry leftists screamed at and spit on them. Some attendees were pushed by the leftists and verbally harassed, though the local media made a point of ignoring these acts of aggression when reporting on how, “Donald Trump roiled Minnesota politics” by holding his fundraiser in the city, insinuating that his mere presence caused this violence.

3) Domestic terrorists bomb GOP headquarters in North Carolina

The interior of the Republican Party office in Hillsborough, North Carolina, was bombed last year and emblazoned with spray paint saying “Nazi Republicans, leave town or else.” Then-Governor Pat McCrory condemned the incident, calling it an act of “political terrorism.” But the mainstream media was nowhere to be found in following suit.

4) Violent leftists attack Maryland high school student for wearing Trump hat

In Rockville, Maryland, a 15-year-old young man was punched in the face and kicked for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat during an anti-Trump walkout protest at Montgomery High School. School officials confirmed that the student had not displayed any signs of aggression, and that he was simply a victim of horrific violence.

5) 18-year-old Chicago man with schizophrenia beaten and tortured by Trump haters

A young, schizophrenic Chicago man was beaten and tortured in his own home earlier this year by a mob of black attackers. These domestic terrorists were seen on a Facebook live stream yelling “f### Trump” and “f### white people” as they forced their victim to drink toilet water. The man also had his head scalped by his attackers.

6) Antifa terrorists destroy vehicles and create mayhem during inauguration

In the days surrounding Trump’s inauguration, raging Antifa protesters swarmed the streets of D.C. and created mass mayhem, destroying vehicles and assaulting anyone who looked like a Trump supporter. At the “DeploraBall,” masked anarchists violently engaged both ball attendees and police forces with messages of hate.

7) Antifa sets Berkeley ablaze in anticipation of Milo Yiannopoulos speech

Back in February of this year, Antifa and other domestic terrorist groups swarmed the Berkeley campus in Northern California to protest a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos. They set fires across campus, destroyed vehicles, and physically assaulted students who were wanting to attend the event.

8) Berkeley professor bashes student Trump supporter in the head with bike lock

Back in April, a student Trump supporter at Berkeley was violently attacked by what was initially reported to be an “Antifa extremists.” The assailant, Eric Clanton, who was later identified as a college professor, bashed the student in the head with a bike lock. He was charged with multiple counts of assault.

9) Antifa throws urine at anti-Sharia march

Members of Antifa reportedly threw urine at attendees of an anti-Sharia march that took place just days ago in multiple cities across America. Among the victims were libertarian blogger Lauren Southern and her friends, who shared their experiences via social media.




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