Americans have more to fear from Trump Derangement Syndrome than terrorism in the foreseeable future

Once again we were all reminded of the global terrorist threat we face after watching coverage and reading news stories about the horrific ISIS-affiliated attack at a concert venue in Manchester, England, this past week, in which children and young adults, as well as parents, were injured, maimed and killed.

There’s no doubt that Europe has a massive terrorism problem, and quite frankly, the reason for it is clear: Millions of migrants flowing into the continent from terrorist-infested countries. And while delusional Europeans shout “tolerance!” at anyone who dares point out the obvious — that Islamic extremists are killing their wives, husbands, sons and daughters — there is still no real effort to stem the flow and cut off a major avenue of infiltration for ISIS-sponsored radicals.

But that’s Europe’s problem. Americans won’t soon face the kind of terrorist attacks that are now routine overseas, and we can thank the Trump administration for that.

The president himself has made combating Islamic extremism (yes, he used those exact terms) a cornerstone of his administration. He reiterated that fact during a speech in a country — Saudi Arabia — where Islamic groups have financed and even exported extremism and terror to the United States (the 9/11 attacks being the most obvious example). There is little chance that Trump or any Westerner will heal centuries’ worth of mistrust, hatred and division among rival Muslim factions, but being blunt about the problem and seeking assistance from Arab governments in helping to curb extremism in their own countries before it gets exported will pay huge dividends in the long run for Americans.

Though we won’t have terrorists from overseas to worry about, we will have “domestic terrorists” to deal with, and more likely sooner rather than later.

The American Left, which has completely hijacked the Democratic Party, is overcome with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Left-wing organizations, in collusion with elected and appointed Democratic leaders, have decided that resistance to anything and everything Trump does will be their strategy moving forward.

This resistance, which is actually being “taught” this summer in Democratic National Committee-sponsored “summer camps,” is about creating mayhem and violence — against Trump-supporting politicians, Trump supporters among the electorate, and Trump-aligned media.

No discussions. No debating. No exchange of ideals. Just raw hatred channeled into intimidation of anyone and anything pro-Trump.

The Left has taken it upon themselves to decide, arbitrarily, that Trump’s candidacy was not legitimate and that his victory was tainted (by Russian “collusion” and by Hillary’s “majority” vote), and therefore anything and everything he does or wants to do is also illegitimate — so any amount of force or “resistance” to him, his politics and his supporters — is justified. They have claimed to occupy a moral ground that they have defined, which also then means any criticism of their capriciousness is also illegitimate.

The rule of law means nothing to the Left, unless of course the law favors the Left’s agenda, as when two activist federal judges relied on statements Trump made about “Muslims” during his campaign to strike down his two executive travel bans (from the same terrorism-infested countries that are sending extremists to Europe).

Eventually, this lawlessness, violence, “resistance” and refusal to submit to Trump’s government will boil over. Americans in the majority of states that elected Trump are already fed up with being treated to a double standard — by the Democratic Party, by the party’s manipulating establishment media, by the Deep State swamp that Trump has vowed to drain and neuter. (RELATED: It’s time to start arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning the mindless, violent mobs on the left)

The DNC’s “Summer of Resistance” may well turn into a “Summer of Violence” between anti-Trump and pro-Trump factions, though make no mistake about it, the violence is being fomented by the Left.

This is the biggest threat to American civil society in more than a century — even more so than the college campus rioting in the 1960s. So you should prepare accordingly:

  • Always be armed, that is, if you have the “right” to be armed, of course (check local laws);
  • Have spare ammunition;
  • Keep a bug out bag with you at all times;
  • Keep abreast of what’s happening — locally and nationally — by monitoring the news;
  • Remained stocked on emergency food, water, medicine and supplies

Times are chaotic. They are going to get more chaotic. Count on it.

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J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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